SERW (Straight Edge Roblox Wrestling)== SERW (Straight Edge Roblox Wrestling) Is a drug/alchohol free ro-wrestling federation established in 2010. Its original owner was MRAWESOMECODY441 but then in 2012 Cody retired and made Trickyzeno12 the new owner/CEO of SERW. The group now has over 100 wrestlers.

Beginning (Late 2010)Edit

SERW (Then titled X The Straight Edge Society X Was a anti drug/CM Punk fan club, But then after constantly RPing in Wrestling stadiums with MRAWESOMECODY441, ilovebabysnakes, RKORevolution, dudeinurhat909, and trickyzeno12. Eventually, Cody decided that we need to start this group as a wrestling federation. Because in late 2010, Ro-Wrestling was just getting big. After every major person in The Straight Edge Society thought about it, we all decided that we should make it a ro-wrestling fed.

Getting Big (Early 2011)Edit

After titles were named, Cody started popping out rivalries. Tabatoe123 (ilovebabysnakes's sister) joined, and ILUVPICKLES joined and they had a big, long rivalry until more divas started coming. RKORevolution played all members of Evolution and he had a rivalry with dudeinurhat909. Ilovebabysnakes was a jobber at the time so he started fighting random people on random shows. Like he would fight with dudeinurhat909 against Triple H (RKORevolution, now is skullx) and trickyzeno12 (Which was imstraightedge11 at the time, imstraightedge11 is now Trickyzeno12's alt, same with mrawesomedge11). And then moommoomo joined (Who is also ilovebabysnakes's sister). SERW then was getting better and better.

More big (Mid 2011; August)Edit

As SERW was getting bigger, so were the titles. SERW was bringing in more and more different titles, some include the Smoking Skull Championship, the Extreme Champion ship, the Championship Of Championships. And more and more people started coming. Like InfinityZeus, theterron10, and much more.

SERW newest people and returns(2013)Edit

in 2013 SERW Had Recived Its New Logo By TwisedMetal2001. SERW has had many returns,from carlosxtreme1980 to InfinityZeus..Not only did people return but there is some new people from mariotaker to wadebarretgirl. carlosxtreme lost the extreme championship to mariotaker but won the intercontinental championship. InfinityZeus and Trickyzeno12 rivalry goes on. agentneo became the minor MITB winner and also became the second ever to cash in and fail. InfinityZues became the major MITB winner. Coming soon SERW vengence is going to be big. Trickyzeno and InfinityZeus will fight in the main event for the SERW title and this will be the last time they fight the last time they will fight. carlosxtreme will fight mariotaker for the extreme title in a tables match. Will InfinityZeus regain the SERW back or will Trickyzeno retain the title. Will carlosxtreme become a 3 time extreme champion,longer than anyone else in SERW history,or will mariotaker full off an upset victory and retain the extreme title. Find out at SERW Vengence.